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Cult War Looms In Mile 3 Diobu PHC. Over Market Closure To Contain Covid19 Spread: Suspected Deygbam Cult Members Attacks Rumu-Elechi Vigilante Group


Cultist on Thursday evening went on rampage as Government continue to enforce market closure, using some members of the Diobu vigilante group to achieve that purpose.

This follows attack on the camp of Rumu-Elechi Vigilante group, in Mile 3 Diobu, by Suspected Deygbam cult members on Thursday 2 April 2020 evening on allegations that some Youths of the community who are members of the vigilante group   accompanied Mayor of Port Harcourt, Victor Ihunwo to enforce market closure at Mile 3.

According to Revelation Agents dangerous weapons like guns, machete was used by the invading attackers. We gathered that the vigilante personnel later re-enforced with some Youths and chased them back across Ikwerre road.

Meanwhile report say the dominant cult groups(JVCs(Dewell)/Icelands) around the area are Suspected Deygbam Cult group who came to attack the vigilante may be preparing for a reprisal attack.

Sources say the JVCs/Iceland who are ‘sailors ‘by orientation are of the opinion that their rivals were not supposed to cross boundary on the guise that they have issues with vigilante group.

A senior Police Officer who pleaded not to be named confirmed to Revelation Agents that the attack on the vigilante group has been reported at Nkpolu Divisional Police headquarters at Mile 3 Diobu, PH.

The President of Rumu Elechi Youth, Godstime Ihunwo confirmed the attack but declined further comment.

Investigation reveals that Mile 3 diobu has three Suspected cult groups which operate in the area which include JVCs(Dewell), Iceland and Deygbam with exception of Greenlanders.

We also gathered that ‘’Mile 3market area, Mile 3 motor Park area and its environs is controlled by Suspected Deygbam Cult group who take compulsory levies (Security Fee) from market People while the areas opposite Mile 3 Parks along Ikwerre road is Controlled by Suspected JVCs(Dewell) and Icelands who also takes ‘Security Fee’ from traders in the area they control.

As at press time unconfirmed source say ‘repentant’ cult leaders of the group are making efforts to broker peace.(Revelation Agent)


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