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Women Journalist(NAWOJ) In Rivers State Says Women Are Worst Hits In Crisis Situations: Calls On Government, Humanitarian Organisations To Apply Gender Lens To All Covid19 Responses


The Nigeria Association of women Journalist NAWOJ says women make essential contributions as leaders and front-line responders. During situations like the covid19 pandemic,

Rivers State Chairperson of NAWOJ Okonkwo-Ogabu Lilian in a statement said women are also hit harder by the health, economic and social impacts of the outbreak.

‘’At this time, there is no doubt that women are at increased risk of infection, domestic violence and loss of livelihood and have less access to sexual and reproductive health services as healthcare systems become overstretched.’’

As advocates for gender equality, the health and rights of girls and women, NAWOJ Rivers state calls on multinationals, government at all levels, humanitarian organizations and well-meaning individuals to apply a gender lens to all covid19 responses, having in mind that women are playing out-sized role responding to covid19 as front-line healthcare workers, media workers, caregivers at home and as mobilizers in their communities and as such, more vulnerable.

While the pandemic lasts, NAWOJ Rivers State Is of the view that if we truly want to deliver health, well-being and dignity for all, girls and women must be front and center in the emergency responses or palliative delivery.

Above all, let’s be safe by taking precautions, be smart by staying informed and finally be kind by supporting each other.





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