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As Government Insist On Brothels Closure, Commercial Sex Workers In Diobu Re-Strategize, Offers Home Services At Higher Cost


As the state government continue to monitor the activities of beer parlors in Diobu axis of port Harcourt to discourage large gathering of people as part of measures to stop spread of covid19, beer parlor owners are lamenting the hardship faced by men who uses the drinks as a form of social networking and hanging out.

Brothels Management Apologizes to Male Customers for Closure of the Company

Our Correspondent who monitored brothels along Azikiwe street Mile 2 diobu reports that Notices was seen at the front of the brothels with an apology to male customers for inconveniences male customers May face due to closure of the brothels this period of Covid-19.

The Management of the brothels promised to serve the male customers better when the order on closure of brothels, bars and drinking joint is lifted by the Government.

Personnel from Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps had enforced the closure of the brothels in Port Harcourt last Saturday with warning to the operators not to open till Government says otherwise.

Meanwhile the female commercial Sex workers have re-strategize by offering home and choice of place service.

Investigation shows that the price of the services offered by the female workers is 40 percent higher than the service offered in the brothel compound.

Male customers who spoke to Revelation Agents disclosed that they would adapt to the new mode of service as keeping ‘girlfriend’ may be quite expensive at times in Port Harcourt.



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