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Covid19: NSCDC Official Shoots Teenagers At Igwuruta-ali Rivers State For Learning To Drive Instead Of Sitting At Home


A trigger happy NSCDC Officer identified Gideon Olufemi. At about 4PM on Saturday evening shot at teenagers for taking driving lessons instead of sitting at home.

One of the teenage boy, Master Tubotamuno Krukrubo Was shot by an NSCDC officer by name Gideon Olufemi along Igwuruta Alli The victim went for a driving class with his brother and friend.

They were stopped along the Greater PHC city by the NSCDC officer.  They were asked to follow the officer to their officer they obeyed. Getting to the office as they got out from their car the officer hit the victim from the back so hard and the boy turned to ask what he did to deserve the beating, then the trigger happy NSCDC officer shot him on his leg before the other officers begged him to stop.

The 2 boys who were with him frantically made call for help and their phones was sized and detained as well with threats from a senior officer of the NSCDC That if they continue to report the matter they would assembly witnesses who will identify them as kidnappers.

The frightened teenagers begged until one of them begged to at least take the injured boy to small clinic that would treat the gunshot wounds but the clinic insisted it needs to know what it is treating before they began treatments noting that the wounds looks like bullet wound before the boy opened up.

The Commandant of Civil Defence Yesterday night visited the boy who was shot by Civil Defence personnel without provocation at Igwuruta alli. The Civil Defence personnel has been arrested and may face dismissal. The Commandant has promised to take care of the medical bills and wellbeing of the victim.

The State Commandant also promised to meet with Family of the victim Today.

Bar. Daba who called our correspondent over the incident also confirmed that her younger cousin was visited by the state commandant of NSCDC that was just shut by an officer of the NSCDC by name Olufemi Gideon along IguwuruttaAli. She said ‘’my cousins leg was destroyed with bullet, the commandant just left the hospital now.’’

The Civil Rights Council Has commended the state commandant of NSCDS for taking prompt actions over the shooting of the young man by its officials.

The state chairman of CRC Prince Wiro who also alerted the top echelons of NSCDC to the incident said ‘’I think the State Commandant has shown responsibility which is worthy of commendation.’’ Also thanked him for his fortrightness.’’


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