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What’s Actually The Real Threat ? 5G Or Coronavirus? 6G Will Soon Come Out, The World Is Advancing


If countries who are more advanced in Technology than us can reject and protest against 5G, who are we to accept it?

What’s your opinion?

It’s actually high time we left the scientists to decide. If 5G is bad, they wouldn’t be that stupid to launch what will also kill them. If they introduce it then it either it has no issues or manageable one.

Take for instance. Do you know that electricity kills? But we manage and use it on daily bases. Do you also know that that your car can kill you? But you manage and use it every now and then.

We are exposed to a lot of risks on daily bases in our lives but we learn to manage and deal with them. 5G might just be one of them, which we will learn to manage and use.

We have learned how to safely use electricity, fire, vehicles, guns, bombs, etc. What we should be thinking of is: How do we safely use 5G network.

Personally I will rather ask this question and learn towards that than asking to go back to 4G. New 5G is better and we should all support it.

And take note, 6G will still come out. The world is advancing in Tech and no body, no religion, no school of thought, not even you and I can stop that.

Gospel Madueke  Wrote and i quote ”Its no corona virus thing. Its the 5G issue.. This is why people were dying in Wuhan China. Corona kills slowly… But the 5G is a sharp killer.

This 5G network is around 24–96 GHz and this is proven to make you sick at the initial testing stage.

Millimeter waves are utilized by the U.S. Army in crowd dispersal guns called Active Denial Systems and they operate with the same frequency.

Wuhan didn’t just lose humans, they lost birds.

Even in the USA today, 5G antennae have been set up and they are killing birds.

Military microwaves, reduce oxygen content, around you and in your blood stream, this is one of the symptoms a supposed “corona virus patient” faces.

“If you are unlucky enough to be standing there when it hits you, you will feel like your body is on fire” …

Why has USA indicted a Martial law for people to stay at home?

Because they are trying to reduce casualties.

So if US citizens die indoors, it’s not the government’s business, they rather have you die indoors than outside on the streets.

All these began last year, when USA kicked out Huawei a Chinese mobile company (the only company at the time with a complete 5G structure and already manufactured devices), from USA and Google withdrew its Android OS license from Huawei.

USA, wanted to be the first country to launch the 5G device and service, you don’t want to know how m

USA, wanted to be the first country to launch the 5G device and service, you don’t want to know how much money a 5G pioneer country has to gain.

We are talking 100s of billions of dollars.

Huawei knew this was going to happen so they made their own OS and apps for new Huawei devices.

They returned back to base and tested this…..And the results…….Not nice….

I won’t say more, because knowledge is a curse. Make do with what you read here so far. So tell me do you still want 5G network?



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