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26 Years Old Girl In Diobu Who Enjoys Provoking Her Lover To Get Flogged Before Sex Gets Help


A 26 years old lady in abusive relationship have managed to hide her ordeal for years and refusing to share it with anyone including neighbours, family and friend’s

This lady has remained in this abusive relationship with this 29 years old serial woman beater in a compound with other tenant even when the man(boy) had turned her into punching bag.

Neighbours says ‘’Anytime the boy wants to beat his female lover he will high the volume of the radio and TV set, force her to lay down and will flog her as if she is his little Child’’.

Neighbours said they discovered it on Saturday night and was cautioned to desist and also made to pay 10,000 naira fine in Line with rules and regulation of the compound which prohibits physical assault or fight even between Husband and Wife.

The 26 years old lady just younger than the man by 3 years sadly revealed to another female neighbours that the love is sweeter after the beating as the man will pet her and the experience of the other room after then will be awesome.

The compound stake holders have applied alternative dispute resolution to settle the lovers with the 29 years old beater claiming that ladies have venom in the tongue and their tongue needs Godly Circumcision, he was told that the next episode will land him in police cell and psychiatrist test


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