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Child Rights Rehabilitation Network/Civil Rights Council Calls For Prosecution OF Female Police Inspector Who Tortures, Batters 13 Years Old Niece With Hot Water


Civil Rights Council, Rivers State Supports Child’s Right Rehabilitation Network in Calling for Investigation into Pouring of Hot Water On A 13 Years Old Girl by A Female Police Inspector in Rivers State. Am also touch with Elizabeth Wilson Coordinator of Child’s Right in Akwa/Ibom State.

Full Text of Petition by the Head Child’s Right and Rehabilitation Network (CRARN) Sam Itauma states as follows

A Case of Assault and Battery on a 13-Year-Old Girl in Rivers State

Attention: Rivers State Commissioner of Police

We have persistently received a barrage of reports about a police officer by name Inspector Christy Inyang Victor in Ahoada Town of Rivers State who continually subjects her 13 years old niece by name Rita to a string of torture and various forms of abuses.PIX. INSPECTOR CHRISTY INYANG

In this particular case, she stripped the girl naked, forced her to sleep outside as she usually does, in the wee hours of the night and bathed her with hot water after she severely battered her.

The case was reported to Divisional Police in Omoku, Rivers State where she serves but no action was taken. Instead, without minding the grievous injuries and burns she inflected on the little girl, she has continued to brutalize her at the slightest provocation.

She stopped Rita from going to school after she sat for her Junior Secondary 3 exams in 2019, albeit passing with flying colors.

In order to save the life of this little girl, we call on the Rivers State Commissioner of Police to order a full blown investigation of the matter and take appropriate action.





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