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True Horror Of Rising Death Toll In US Epicenter Of The Coronavirus Outbreak: Studies Shows Covid19 Cases Came From Travelers From Europe Into New York


Death toll in N.Y. climbs to 4,159 as confirmed cases top 122,031 disturbing photos of what the health workers are grappling with surfaced online with many thanking the health workers whose life is also on the line in fighting the scourge

Photos have been released that capture the true horror of the rising death toll at what is the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak in the U.S.

Bright orange body bags are seen lining the hallways of a hospital in Brooklyn as New York City tackles the pandemic head-on.

The disturbing images taken inside the Wyckoff Heights Medical Center in Bushwick show a several deceased patients in body bags on stretchers.

After patients pass away, they are left outside in the hospital corridor before they can be taken to a temporary morgue outside

A new study suggests that most of the Covid19 cases in New York – the worst hit state in the US – came from travelers in Europe, the New York Times reports.

“The majority is clearly European,” Harm van Bakel of the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, the co-author of the paper, told the Times.

The study is awaiting peer review.

A separate team at the NYU Grossman School of Medicine came to a similar conclusion, despite studying a different group of cases.

On 1 Feb, President Trump barred foreign nationals from entering the country if they had previously been in China. But it was not until March that he began blocking travelers from most European countries.

Confirmed cases around the world near 1.5 million, according to a tally by Johns Hopkins University

Almost 90,000 people have died with the virus

The European Union risks failing as a project in the crisis, Italy’s PM tells the BBC

UK PM Boris Johnson remains in intensive care but condition “improving”

The World Health Organization has defended itself after criticism from Donald Trump

“We’re close to every nation,” says its head after “China-centric” accusations



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