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FG Conditional Cash Transfer Is Not For You If You Are On Face Book/Social Media Platforms: That Village You Ran Away From Is Still In Nigeria Map


Those collecting the Federal Government Conditional Cash transfers are not on face book. They are in the villages you ran away from.  Collect your own from your Governors, Senators, House of Reps Members you stayed five hours in the sun to vote for. Those Comedy shows You contributed five thousand naira to attend? This is the time for them to give you dividends of democracy.

In this season of covid 19? Someone at least thought of these group of people you termed village witch! To remember them and you are kicking on social media, Go home and tell your people that you have come to collect conditional cash transfer and see if you can return the same.

#opinion articleWhen They say They spent billions of Naira on poorest of the poor, you demand statistics and computational to see how it was shared or are you trying to bewitch the witch you abandoned in the village?


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