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Is Lagos The Epic Center Of Coronavirus In Nigeria? Discriminating Against Lagosian Returnees Fleeing Hunger To Eastern Part Of Nigeria Is Barbaric


Nigerians are beginning to discriminate against people who returns from Lagos to other part of the country.
worrisome is the manner and ways people in other state warns them to stay home and  self-isolate so as not share the virus when they returned to their villages/hometown in the Eastern Part of the country.

Our attention was called to raise awareness on the way Lagosians or people coming back from Lagos is being treated or harassed this day in other parts of the country is sympathetic, uncalled for and embarrassing as if they intend to infect other states with covid-19.

At the moment Lagos is debuts as the epicenter of the covid-19 in Nigeria.

Reports making rounds has it that covid19 patients identified from other state has a travel history of either returning from Lagos or the UK, and America who in turn travel around the country because of lockdown.

Report says some of the cases of covid-19 in some states according to NCDC tracing and contact were traceable to Lagosians moving from one part of the country to the other for various reasons.

We wish to state categorically that discrimination against any form of ailments amounts to stigmatization and we condemn the ill-treatment given to Lagosians in a country they belong to by their own very people.

We gathered that some returnees from Lagos where treated with reckless abandonment at upper Iweka Onitsha people took to their heels, deserting them just because they came back from Lagos.

Another report coming from Niger state where their governor confirmed some passengers were held almost hostage until the state operatives came to pick them.

We are not saying that people shouldn’t be careful, we are advocating that people should be treated fairly irrespective of where you are coming from or who you are. After all we can’t tell of who is infected until proven otherwise.

In Anambra for example a lot of villagers keeps Lagos returnees at arm’s length. It seems that being an armed robber is better than being a Lagosians.

IF it’s possible for Lagosians to remain steadfast and stay-put in Lagos by so doing, they reduce the possibility of infecting other states since people now sees them as the corona virus itself until  we win this covid-19 battle. God protect and bless us all.



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