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Why Is The Chinese Government Accusing Nigerians Living In China Of Bringing TOYOTA Virus? Reach-out To A Brother In China


While the Viral video of the Nigerian diplomat who stood up for Nigerians in China is still making headline news and receiving commendation, he was identified as Razaq Dayo Lawal, Consul Head of Chancery/Trade and Investment in China, many Nigerian guys are still stranded outside in the Gounzou province.

One of our source who sent a video of the ill treatment in china lamented the inhuman treatment meted to them he said ‘’Now they are asking them to pay for hotel for them to be quarantine Instead of taking them to the hospital or an isolation center…. No food…. This guy they haven’t given him food since he was kept in this hotel…. they keep coming to check his temperature.

Another Nigerian resident in china sent a picture of his forced quarantine to us in a group platform. He wrote  ‘’over 11 police men came to my house to take me to the hotel for quarantine , I argued with the police to give reasons for me to go to hotel and quarantine instead of my house which is safer, the police people replied that is from government that all foreigners especially of African must go to hotel to quarantine, we engaged in another argument when they said that my wife will not go with me which we both refused and they pleaded with my wife to support Chinese government to let me go alone she refused and they threatened to cancel my visa and I told them to cancel , at this point we reach an agreement that she is going with me and that I am not paying for hotel , also I will not eat any food they  will bring to me which they agreed though I did not forget my bottle of kai kai to help fight this corona while in my friendly detention.

He added that I felt bad because while I was being taken away by the police into the bus, the Chinese were running as if I carry on me explosives. The one that pained me most is, they went to the house management office to collect the house documents to call the house owner not knowing is my wife number, and the police man asked her why she rented her house to foreigner? God help us overcome this siege

NIGERIANS in China were evicted from their homes and thrown out on d streets. Accused  of bringing Toyota virus to China.

in retaliation to the treatment meted on blacks in China, An angry Ghanaian man orders Chinese man to pick trash from gutter for his government humiliation of Blacks sent out of their hotels by Chinese Government


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