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COVID-19: We Did Not Invite The Chinese Doctors To Nigeria, The Company Brought Them-Health Minister. NMA Over To You


We Did Not Invite the Chinese Doctors to Nigeria. They Came On Their Own” – – Nigeria Health Minister Denies Bringing the Chinese Medical Team to Nigeria.

But Nigeria closed their border, who opens the door for them????

Nigerians React——

What company was he talking about, is there anything like company of doctors? NMA Please respond!!! I will presume that the person that said those Chinese are not doctors but engineers that have come to complete the installation of 5G network was right…small small truth go come out… company of doctors.

Why video conferencing now they’re in the country?
Where were you when the whole medical community and other well-meaning Nigerians kicked against their coming and rather suggested communication with video conferencing?
The alleged company that invited them, are there in Nigerian or Nigerian is in them?

Although, the Chinese may be have come with good intention but it is unbelievable that a foreign Airplane will land in a country uninvited. Where is the immigration and the Customs of Nigeria? What class of visa did they use to get into the country and what are the contents of their loads and cargos? Did it matter to the useless APC administration and the Federal Government? What kind of country is this with bunch of uneducated and uncivilized administrators? God Save Nigeria and bring a President that will re-structure the Regions.



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