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Nigerians Give Reasons Why They Dont Believe That Coronavirus Is In Nigeria–Opinion Poll


I Am not working for the Nigerian government, am not a politician but I have eyes, ears and common sense.

My cousin that lives in New York told me that when news of coronavirus came to town, people overlooked various warnings of how to avoid it.
Some people called it fake, Chinese Disease, not until it started killing them, today America has the highest death of this pandemic.

Now if you say that coronavirus is fake and you go about touching people, refused to wear face mask or take all the necessary actions to avoid being infected, while I take all the necessary actions.
If it later becomes fake as you said, I have nothing to loose, but if eventually it turns out to be true, I will be save with my family while you might have given it to your family and friends.
You doubting Thomas think of your kids, wife etc.
Don’t be wiser than your God, use common sense

I believe that corona virus is real it’s a global pandemic that has killed thousands of people.

But the reason shared by some Nigerians on why they don’t believe that the virus is in the country is because, the politicians used the outbreak of the COVID 19 as avenue for mass looting and exploitative spirit against poor Nigerians. They focused their eyes and senses on what to gain as the corona virus traced it way to Nigeria, without fighting the epidemic with sincerity and holistically. here are a few examples made by intelligent Nigerians as they keep asking critical questions which the federal government refused to give responses to.—

(1) The first day we heard that Italian who was infected with the corona virus traced his way to Nigeria, within 3hours the federal government released 1.6 billion naira to treat the Italy National. The Italy man has no name, the place he was quarantined was unknown, his picture can’t be traced, Nigerians started criticizing and the federal government said that the Italian has recovered and we tried to know the drug the federal government Doctors used in treating the Italian man, no one disclosed to us.

(2)America, Germany, Britain Italy, Cuba etc, everyday shows the world victims of corona virus in their countries on CNN, BBC, Channels etc, including Boris Johnson the British Prime minister, what stops Nigeria, from showing us those that were infected with the corona virus, where they are quarantined, names of those that died and those treated as other countries do.

(3)It surprises me some times that the notable politicians who were allegedly infected with the COVID 19 VIRUS, didn’t transfer it to their children, wives personal drivers and gate men. Does it mean Nigerian politicians don’t stay in the house with their children, or does it mean they don’t sleep with their wives, or their personal drivers wear corona virus proof?

(4) The recent announcement by the federal government that they have spent over 100billion naira in fighting corona virus in Nigeria, through the Federal Government Corona Virus Tax Force Team and Social Intervention money shared to all Nigerians which my family and myself have not received one naira.

(5) The recent mysterious fire that burnt our Treasury House/ Ministry of Finance. Where all the records of money donated by individuals and cooperate organizations, internationally and locally. Today you can’t trace the record of how much federal government spent in fighting COVID 19 and money donated by spirited individuals and cooperate organizations. Ask yourself why must ministry of finance burnt now that we need record of what people donated to assist Nigerians in fighting the pandemic and the record of money spent ?

(6)The drug they used in treating those that recovered, why not share it to the 36 states as part of the precautionary measure?

(7) They lied to Nigerians that they brought Chinese Doctors in the country to fight COVID 19 and have already spent $1.5million dollars. But those Chinese are not Doctors, they are Engineers that came to fix medical equipment’s donated freely to Nigerians, by International Organizations to fight Corona Virus.

All these and more made some Nigerians to doubt if there’s corona virus in the country. But COVID 19 VIRUS is real.


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