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14 More Days Of HUNGER-VIRUS Lock Down : Stop Sharing Palliatives Only On Facebook, Locate Real People In Our Communities To Flatten The Curve


The main thing is to keep safe whether real or fake, all the hardest hit countries where once like you saying that it’s fake news until the virus gained ground and started hitting them where it hurts irrespective of their fully equipped state of the art hospitals, none of them nowadays is complaining about lock down but are feverishly praying for the plague to end and you Africans without hospitals are behaving like the ostrich that hid its head but it’s body is clearly visible.
Stop incessant complaints, though it’s hard on the people and the government does not even know how to manage the hunger virus that is associated with the lock down. If the government is faking it at least be alive and see the end of the fake news than to be in the intensive care unit (ICU) where you are one of the news items as survivor or deceased

Nigeria had her first case of #COVID19 on Feb 27th.

Brazil had hers on Feb 25th.

🇧🇷 Brazil has 22,318 cases, 1,230 deaths & 173 recovered

🇳🇬 Nigeria has 323 cases,10 deaths & 85 recovered.

just before I forget to whom it may concern, for the past two weeks and about to add more, so many people have neither received any bag of rice nor any alert in their account.

we all live in a community and have seen people around us are qualified to receive those palliatives  because they have hungry mouths to feed, seeing the sharing only on Facebook is only increasing the HUNGER-VIRUS inside of them.


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