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Covid19 Home Front: Woman Threatens To Divorce Husband For Constantly Demanding For Anal Sex, 4 Months Into Marriage


Woman Takes to Social Media to Beg on her husband to desist from pressurizing her into having anal sex or pull out of the marriage and she wrote:

Please my brothers and sisters, I want you all to help me talk to my husband to stop asking me for anal sex. Ever since we got married on 28th December 20l9, this man has not allowed me to rest.

I have told him that I will rather die or park out of his house than allow him practice that dirty disgusting stuff with me. Prior to our wedding, he never strikes me like someone who will be involved in such nonsense. He never asked so I thought all is well with him, but now, he is really getting on my nerves.

On January this year, we had a very big misunderstanding about the same thing that almost ended our marriage. He said that, his friends told him that their wives give it to them and why would I refuse him that pleasure.

I know I may be wrong to bring it here, but, seriously, am tired of having to condone this. Am from a staunch Catholic home, and by the grace of God, I was trained well. I have tried talking to his Elder sister about it, but she keeps saying that I should be patient with him. His mother is late, and his father is aged. Although this lockdown, it has been war in my house.

Please my People, help me to talk to EMEKA to stop asking me to do what is totally stupid. He got married to me yes! But he doesn’t own my life.

I brought this here today because he is also a member of this group.
Please tell him to stop it or the next time he tries it, I will come back here and tag him to the post.

What is your advice? should she go or seek marriage counselor?



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