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Nkpor Youths In Onitsha Anambra State Attacked Policemen With Acid After A Young Man Was Shot To Death By Police Officers In That Community


Tragedy struck on Wednesday 15th April 2020 at New Tyres Market Nkpor, Anambra State!

Where hoodlums took to the street to protest the killing of one young man named Ebuka who was shot and killed by trigger happy policeman,(Orji Christopher) at New tyres area of Nkpor Agu, Anambra state,
the Police and soldiers were said to be on official assignment to enforce lockdown order on coronavirus pandemic as declared by Anambra State Governor.

According to the eyes witness who spoke to the members of Anambra State Crime Free Campaign and Security Orientation who has been pleading to the crowd not to take laws into their hands said that police was chasing some residents drinking at a joint when the young man was coming out from his house to buy foodstuffs, he saw everyone running and wanted to run as well but fell down and the police suspected to be attached to Okpoko Police station shot him on a close range

Just few days back, distressing videos were circulated on social media showing security forces beating the hell out of people, harassing and assaulting them by even forcing them to swim in malodorous gutters just for breaking stay-at-home order!

They forgot that many of such people are hungry, trying to make out a living and feed their distraught families with infinitesimal wages, and the government can only send police men and armed forces to brutalize them instead of sending foods and relief materials to them. These acts of cruelty should be strongly condemned. It simply shows that Nigerian security forces have once again failed to establish good rapports with the civilians whose support they need to win war against any internal and external threat!



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