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Angry Husband Beats Wife To Coma After 4 Years Old Son Brought Out Unused Condom As Sweet From Her Handbag In Edo State.


An eye witness, who is also their neighbor, (names withheld) the man Osa beat his wife to coma after his son of 4 years Old brought condom out of his wife’s Handbag.

This unfortunate event happened on Tuesday evening after he returned from work, he was expecting his wife to give him food, while his wife said she went to her sister’s house to settle family matter that she hasn’t cooked, while they were playing in the sitting room, junior, a 4 years Old boy rushed to his mom’s handbag and started checking it for sweet or biscuits she promised him, he brought out condom and gave it to his dad to open sweet for him.

His mum was shocked after seeing his son with the CD she left in the bag. The man moved closer to his wife and started interrogating her about where she was coming from, he quickly took his phone and called her sister to confirm, her sister said she didn’t see her at all, the man started beating her till she fainted and the neighbours rescued her to the hospital.

The neighbours said, they have been pleading on her behalf but her husband is not ready to pay any bill in the hospital and also told her family to come and pack her load.



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