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Women Rights Organization In Rivers State Raise Alarm Over The Growing Cases Of Rape, Domestic Violence Due To Lockdown


Woman organization in Rivers state have raised an alarm over increase in domestic violence and reported cases of Rape due to the covid19 lock down.

A woman activist and executive Director of Mother of good counsel Doris Oyenekwu told our correspondent that the raising cases violence and rape emanating from various part of the state calls for concern and urgent intervention

She we receive calls every now and then on a daily basis about abuses, violence and rape, for example yesterday we got the news of hoodlums raping women at watersides and mile one area in Diobu, this incessant unpleasant news is worrisome and we urge partners to see themselves as equal.

She said men should see the women as their friends not someone who is always bordering me for money and other domestic issues.

She appeals to women to marry their friends and live with their husbands as friends not objects to attacked or provider of all things

Doris Oyenekwu also noted that most couple having this marital challenges are co-habiting and not properly married, noting that there is usually no love between such union as the partners sees themselves as birds of circumstance instead of partners in progress. She said love is a strong bond in marriage and any union without love is bent on destructions.

The women Rights activist Doris Oyenekwu blamed the raising cases of violence to the sit at home order where the Men are irritable due to no work, she said unlike before where the men go on two weeks offshore and two weeks at home, they live happy with their spouses and partners but since this lockdown we get calls oh he is beating, he is abusing my children let him go back to where he belongs, we are tired of home staying at home.

She said the ones men at Diobu area we hear they can’t go out to engage in their daily labour or earn their daily pay. So at any given opportunity they gang up and rob or rape any unfortunate woman’s who crosses their path.



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