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Hoodlums Identified As One Million Boys Terrorizing Lagosians Were Resisted With Cutlasses By Residents Of Iyonoworo, Isolo, Ejigbo Powerline


Lagosians Have been battling with threats of some hoodlums who attack residents in their number claiming to belong to new weave of crime group called one million Boys.

Lagosians took to the internet to decry their incessant attack and how these boys have been terrorizing them.

We gathered today Monday the criminal group one million boys came to Iyanoworo area part of Lagos, and was defeated by residents living in that area. They promised to come back in their numbers and warned the residents to be prepared. The neighborhoods of Iyanoworo is appealing to residents to be on the lookout. Joy Elemuo who witnessed the incident at Iyanoworo called on everyone around the area to be vigilant.

A security Expert Kinsley Ejoor told Eastwest Reporters that the surge in open criminality is due to the lockdown, he said ‘’This as a result of failed system of Government. Let’s keep calling on God to intervene he added

The group of the one million boys are hoodlums identified as cultist turned into armed robbers, they come in group, like 30, 40, 50 even more than that to attack and dispossess people of their goods and properties

We learnt they went to Isolo in the afternoon today and Powerline at Ejigbo this night, Obinna Twitter at 12 noon we One million boys just entered isolo now. All the men are outside with cutlasses. If you are in isolo please come out let’s deal with this monster terrorizing the state

Here is a few decent comment from resident who witnessed the harassment from the Hoodlum:

since last week…all the male in our house and streets go out in the night to secure the streets here in ABA is something else. -Ezeoke Jennifer

God we need help us in Lagos, they even brought letter to my street, that we should be expecting them.to tell you the truth, nobody sleeps in my area again- Ogechi Anselem Amadi

Even me my street now we don’t run first set now
God please have mercy on us. We can’t sleep in the night and we can’t rest in the day.- Chiwendu Nnadozie

They are almost everywhere in Lagos; they have tried my area ones but SARS face them there’s SARS office in my area- Orji Obumuneke

One million boys!
Who are they?
What is their agenda?
Why does it seem impossible to stop them?
I need answers! Rotenna Didiugwu




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