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Are Laws Made For Certain People In This Country? Social Distancing Not Observed At Ali Modu Sheriffs Father’s Burial In Maiduguri.


Social Distancing Rules Were Violated on Thursday During the Burial of Galadima Modu Sheriff, Father of Ex-Borno Governor, Ali Modu Sheriff.

Amodu Sherif no doubt is a Very strong man in maiduguri, they have been in the government for over 40 years in Nigeria but they cannot educate their people on social distancing.

The Federal Government had told everyone in the east and west to stay at home but they are doing their normal business thinking that they are undoing the South south or South East but have been seeing and hearing what’s happening in KANO State

No arrest has been made so far or will be made, but tomorrow they will go on air to apologies. end of story. When they are done spreading it over there, you’ll see them jumping into the next available trailer to other parts of the country to further continue the spread of the virus. This is another reason to support Federal Government/ Governors Forum Total Lockdown.

It seems these people are untouchable while police kept arresting and killing people for violating social distance rule in the East, south and west




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