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Mayor Of Osaka Japan Says Men Should Do Groceries Shopping Because Women Take To Long Buying Foodstuffs:Why Do Women Stay Longer In The Market Place?


Amid lockdown orders, the Mayor of Osaka in Japan says only Men are allowed to go buy Groceries(foodstuff) because Women stay too long in the Market.

The mayor of Japan’s third-largest city is facing a public backlash after he suggested men are better suited to grocery shopping during the coronavirus pandemic, because women take too long and contribute to overcrowding at supermarkets.

The number of confirmed cases of the virus in Japan has spiked in recent weeks — dashing hopes that the government’s initial virus response had succeeded in controlling its spread. As of Thursday, Japan had 11,950 confirmed cases, including 299 deaths, according to Johns Hopkins University. On March 1, the country had 243 cases.

Japan remains a largely male-dominated society. The country is ranked 110 out of 149 countries in the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) latest global gender gap index. The country also ranks bottom among the G7 countries for gender equality, despite Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s pledge to empower working women through a policy called “womenomics.”So let’s discuss : Why do Women stay longer in the Market Place?

Is it because of any of these reasons or what;
*To get Apriko,
* Meet friends,
*Buy clothes from open
*Stay away from Home troubles or
*Money given to us not enough etc.

Our Men will you like our government to replicate this law here in Nigeria?



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