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“The Liquid Gold In Enugwu Agidi Anambra State: Stop Crying Over Drop In Crude Oil Sale -Develop Other Sectors


While the World decries the drop in crude oil sales, the impact it would have on a mono Economy like Nigeria who solely depends on oil as its main sources of foreign earners, the time to look inwards and grow other sectors is here.

It is no longer a secret that all states in Nigeria is blessed with one form of minerals deposits or the other, the seasons we are in calls for the leaders to look inwards and diversify into other sector to continue to earn foreign income as we export all the untapped minerals deposits.

A Tour at the Stoneware/Ceramic site (Okpu Ulo) in Enugwu Agidi;

A solid Mineral deposits, metaphorically referred as “Mmanu Umu Nwanyi”. “The Liquid Gold” of the Women of Enugwu Agidi.

This is because the trade is strictly reserved for the Women, in Enugwu Agidi, Anambra state and considering the economic importance of the Mineral in the World is a Source of Livelihood to many Family.

This Mineral deposit is used to Produce Tiles, Ceramic Plates, Pots etc.


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