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Rivers State Government Redoubles Surveillance, Checks Hospital, Health Facilities For Covid Cases: Dispels Rumour That Rumuomasi Axis Is Contaminated With Coronavirus.


Rivers state government says there is no truth in the rumour making round that the whole of Rumuomasi in Obio/Akpor is Contaminated

The commissioner for health Rivers State Professor Princewill Chike while answering questions from journalist  dispels rumors that Rumuomasi is highly contaminated with Coronavirus due to the death of of the owner of Mingi hotel and the positive case of the manager of the hotel to Covid19

He said ”We have ways we manage every case that has been reported  to us. they said somebody that runs a hotel died mysteriously that person have not been confirmed to have had Covid because he has already died before we were informed. what we in the ministry did is take our samples  and see to establish the cause of death.

”But because of the way he died we have to go after those who work around that place around , those who related with him and took our samples and did our contact tracing and took off from there and some of the samples came  and somebody amongst them was positive, we escalated to the treatment  center and commence treatment, that doesn’t mean that the whole of that area or axis where the hotel is  contaminated with corona virus , that is not true and its not proper, we don’t do things that way,

”you have just seen us now decontaminating the bus-stops in port Harcourt and Obio/Akpor, all the Bus-stop it is  because of ignorance of people who instead of social distancing, washing their hands, using hand sanitizers that we are advocating, people come down from bus and drop them at the Bus-stop, will now say that the whole of Bus-stops are contaminated? so it is not true RUMUOMASI is not contaminated, we have started contact tracing

This is the time for facts not fear. this is the time for truth not rumour, people should be spreading rumours it is not good, when you put fear, you would panic every person, we are already shouting that people are being invasive, we are frowning at it if you have any suspicion call our emergency response team, call us, more so we have left the stages of people to inform us, what we are doing is targeted search for suspected case or positive case and facility search, we now go to hospitals, facilities to go and check, we don’t wait for people to inform us anymore, so our contact tracing and surveillance have redoubled. that is what is going on now


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