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Anambra Billionaire Who Didn’t Allow The Loss Of One Leg In An Accident To Stop Or Limit Him: Offhandedly Tarred All The Inner Roads In His Village, Loved By All


Unveiling Emma Bishop Okonkwo, an illustrious Igbo son, Born on December 31, 1960, his late father was a shoe dealer, which obviously must have been where and how he fell in love with business. A native of Ichi, near Nnewi, Anambra State, his education couldn’t advance beyond Okongwu Memorial Grammar School, Nnewi. But via e learning, reading and travelling, the man has so expanded his horizon and outlook that except you are told you will classify him among first generation graduates dubbed wizkid.

Married to Ngozi, a.k.a Mmili Aku, and blessed with wonderful children, his father’s plan was to hand him over his shoe business. Which he declined and resisted, choosing instead to pursue his own vision and dream. A move that ultimately paid off, and very handsomely too.

A proud member of the Knights of Saint Christopher, the white-loving businessman, Odenigbo of Amichi who is also heavily into philanthropy. The chairman of Ekulu group of companies. The franchise owners/manufacturers of popular brands like Eva Wine, Goya Oil, Adonko Bitters, Mayonnaise, Sardine, Eva Soap, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Baron de Valls Wine, Don Simon Drink, Meditol Soap, to mention but a few.

The man who was said to have single handedly turned his village into a very beautiful city. You remember one of the greatest hit song of Chief Osita Osadebe of blessed memory titled “ONYE OMA BISHOP” “EZIGBO MMADU ADIRO FECHA” “OKPURU ISI ZURU ORA ONU N’ICHI” “EZE ENYIMBA NA NNEWI”, “AKA AKPUCHI ONWA N’OJOTO” etc that’s the man who the song was all about.

Taking out little time to appreciate and celebrate an illustrious IGBO SON while he lives… this too should be a motivation and encouragement to youths, if he could do it, we too can do it.







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