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Covid19 Palava: Man Reported Himself To Police After Bag Of Beans He Stole From A Shop Refused To Leave His Head In Edo State


A man in Edo state surrendered himself to the police after the bag of beans he stole refused to leave his head!!

A thief identified as Osagie on Monday surrendered himself to police divisional station at Agbor in Edo State as the bag of beans he stole from a shop around the market area in Agbor refused to be off loaded from his head. Confessing, Osagie who is a motor mechanics said, he went out as early as 2am on Monday 27th April to break the shop which was to enable him have something to eat with his family since he has not been able to go out and earn money since the lockdown began in Edo.

Police who were unable to bring the bag of Beans from Osagie’s head however had sigh of relief as the owner of shop came around to recite some incantations which thereafter aided the offloading of the bag of beans from Osagie’s head. In what seemed to be a spiritual razzmataz, the owner of the beans was later seen around the police premises singing “tease songs” and lamenting that this is not the first time this is happening as she has suffered countless losses arising from thief outbreaks
On hearing Osagie’s version of the story however, the shop owner, opened the bag of Beans in question and gave Osagie half of the bag plus other food ingredients saying that government locking down without palliative measure is act of wickedness and dehumanization.

For those that don’t believe it’s voodoo, what could have kept the bag of beans on the man’s head
man reported himself to the police station after the bag of beans he stole stuck to his head in Edo State!








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