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Update On IMO Building Collapse: Ten Dead, 15 Persons Trapped- Rescue Work Ongoing


More than 10 Persons have been confirmed dead after a Seven storey building collapsed along Musa Yaradua drive Owerri, with about 40 construction workers Trapped Inside in IMO state.

The seven storey building located at Yara Dua drive, New Owerri area of Imo state was under construction before it collapsed.

The cause of the collapse has not been ascertained at the time of this report.

Some police officials are at the scene doing their best to rescue as many as possible from the debris.

About 40 workers are said to have been trapped inside the ongoing construction believed to be a hotel accommodation when concluded. excavation of those of that are trapped are still in the process as at 9pm on Thursday night.

Many issues were raised by some of the survivors, which could have led to the building collapse. One said the pillars were very weak, adding that the pillars holding the seven story building were not also enough to carry the weight of the entire structure. They also said that a few days ago they noticed cracks in some parts of the building and complained to the engineer who assured them he would do something about it.

Members of the Red Cross were seen at the scene assisting in the evacuation of both the dead, moving some injured workers to hospitals for immediate medical attention.  Some Spirited individuals are equally assisting the red cross member to locate some of the workers as some of them are aware of the locations of those trapped as they assisted in the rescue operation.



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