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Diobu Vigilante Says Pick Pocket, Phone Snatching On The Increase: Raise Alarm Over The Disguised Use Of Face Mask By Criminals/Cultist To Rob, Snatch Phone From Residents


The Diobu vigilante group has raised alarm over an alleged increase in case of crime, pick pocketing, phone snatching around the mile one to mile three axis of port Harcourt

The secretary /spokesman of Diobu vigilante group, Prince Amatari Bipelede told our correspondent that the criminal gangs have resorted to using face-mask to disguise themselves and rob residents of their Belongings and snatching phones.                 He said ”the vigilante groups are over whelmed and cannot work without police assistance as some police officers posted to the area cannot come to work due to no vehicle to ferry them to their destinations. ‘’these criminals are now putting on face-mask and robbing people so they want to defect the purpose for which the face mask was created.  he explained that the reason why crime is growing daily in the area is the manner it is been pampered. we have made our predicaments known before that this kind of happenings would be more if not for our sleepless efforts in close marking these criminals.

‘’most worrisome is that when you apprehend these criminals they will be release by the police because of the lockdown, no court is opening for their trail, the prison is congested, no modalities on ground to try them in court, so why won’t crime increase on a daily basis? we have apprehended many of this boys with much evidences yet they are released.’’

Time will come when the few police working will also stop working because a police man living very far cannot be trekking to work every day following the lock-down and the services of the vigilante is needed much especially these days but they are also not encouraged due to the peculiar challenges of motivations

Some of the Residents of Osina, Hobobo Lane and Ojoto Streets who were robbed last night also narrates their experiences to our correspondent.

Monday Samuel, phone make-techno w3, No 10 hobobo lane.

Ejerenwa Bright, phone make Hisense, No 14 hobobo lane. what happened is that around 8: 30 pm, I was sitting out with some friend and just heard arose arose and looked ahead and saw that there was a group of boys coming towards us and we quickly moved inside and they chased us with bottles, machetes, I fell down twice and sustained this injuries, they couldnt get my phones but they collected my brother’s daughters phone

Sunday Doĺly Inatimi, phone make techno canon 12, No 17 Osina street. we were sitting outside our compound when this group of boys started shouting and before we could run they rounded us up and said we should give them our phones, one of our friend managed to run so i was struggling with them to hand them my phone, so they beat me up

Henry keke, phone make Nokia 3.1plus, No 12 Osina street. (4 person) yesterday i was in front of my house when i saw some group of boys coming so i started running and the chased me till i fell and took my phone.  the boys were putting on face mask and shouting this night e no go good oh, everything go scatter, s



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