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Effects Of Lockdown Palaver: 14 Years Old Girl Pregnant For 17 Years Old Blood Brother: Mother Slumps!


I am totally confused and ashamed of myself, I just feel like taking away my life. How can I hide myself from this mess?

Please, I need a serious advice from you and all the members on this platform.(Confused mothers name withheld to protect their privacy)

My 17 years old son got his blood sister of 14 years pregnant. I did not know what was happening until my sister who is a Nurse visited me and asked me if am not noticing some changes on my daughter. The next day my sister and I took her to our family doctor who confirmed that my daughter is pregnant. When I interrogated her she foolishly told me that it’s her brother.

She said that ‘’she has not known anybody except her brother. I fainted immediately because their father is not aware. What came over my mind immediately was to abort the child but I decided to seek for solutions and advice from people. The pregnancy was confirmed last week Wednesday.
Please, help me on what to do. The distrust mother begs.

What is your take? Should the husband be informed?

Should she seek abortion for her daughter?



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