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World Health Organisation Issues Stern Warning To Madagascar To Stop The Use/Sale Of Traditional Herbs Used To Treat Covid19 Patients In Africa


The WHO has issued a stern warning against the use of unapproved Coronavirus treatment following the launch of Madagascar’s Coronavirus medicine called Covid Organics.

The main content of the Covid Organics is Artemisia. This is an African shrub which is over 436 years old. The ancient African men used it to cure flu and other sicknesses, before Africa was Colonized.

Currently in Madagascar, 9 more Coronavirus patients have recovered. The country still hasn’t recorded any death from Coronavirus. Madagascar has 148 cases, 101 recoveries, and 0 deaths.

Niger has recently received bottles of Madagascar’s Coronavirus medicine, joining Equatorial Guinea, Guinea Bissau and Congo who received packages of it earlier.

Comoros is interested in the Coronavirus medicine. Tanzania’s President Magufuli has endorsed it and made orders for it.

Interestingly, Equatorial Guinea’s Coronavirus recovery rate has increased by 44% from 9 recoveries to 13 in 5 days, after purchasing Madagascar’s Coronavirus medicine.

The AU is also in talks with Madagascar over the use of their Coronavirus medicine.

WHO is being hypocritical. In a time of crisis, we first seek for urgent solution to curb the rate of damages whilst looking for permanent solution. Had it been a white man who came up with such claims of a herbal solution, they would have approved it before now but here is a case where it is coming from the part of the world that is regarded as less human.
WHO should swallow their pride and ask Madagascar how they made it possible, because in Africa, we love our agbo and other herbal medicines,  it has been saving lives since time immemorial even before the emergence of the said body (world health organization).

They can’t be ogbenye and Amusu at same time

please whats is your take on this matter? is there more to covid19 than meet the eye?


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