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17 Years Old Boy Shot By A Trigger Happy NSCDC Officer, Escapes Leg Amputations Will Be Needing Skin Grafting One Month After


One month after a trigger happy Nigeria Security Civil Defence Officers Posted at the Igwurutta the NSCDC security post shot a teenage boy for taking driving lessons with his siblings and friend on the 4th of April 2020 the lad is doing great still in the hospital with total care undertaken by the NSCDC Management.

The 17 years old boy Master Tubotamuno Krukrubo at about 4pm along Iguwurutta Alli Was shut by an NSCDC officer by name Gideon Olufemi.

The victim went for a driving class with his brother and friend. They were stopped along the Greater PHC city by the NSCDC officer.  They were asked to follow the officer to their officer they obeyed. Getting to the office as they got out from their car the officer hit the victim from the back so hard and he protested over the beating, the trigger happy NSCDC Then shot him on the leg.

It’s been a month and four days Hopefully the lad might be needing skin grafting to help him heal faster.

The family is grateful for the assistance rendered by the NCDC Official and hoped that such ugly incident will not repeat itself as that callous act has rendered the family schedules and work almost impossibly as they take turns to cater for the young victim in the hospital.

Just an update This is the leg one month ago.


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