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Miraculous Escape From Herdsmen Invasion – Rev Canon Famonure, Wife, Two Son Survived Gun Shots In Barkin Ladi Plateau State


Tragedy was averted on 5th May, 2020 when militant Fulani men invaded the residence of Rev. Canon Bayo James Famonure of Messiah College, Capro International Ministry in Ropp District, Barkin Ladi Local Government Area of Plateau State.

At about 8:40pm on 5th May, 2020 while the family was having their evening devotion, 3 armed Fulani young men stormed the house with AK 47, machetes and other weapons.

The attackers forced their way into the room where the reverend and his family were having devotion and demanded that the reverend should give them money. When he replied that there was no money in the house, one of the attackers holding a gun immediately shot the reverend on the head and also on the leg and left him in the pool of his blood.

The attackers, thinking that the reverend was dead, left for the other room where the other family members went in hiding.

The family at that time was struggling to send text massages to friends and neighbors for help when suddenly they heard gun shots on the door. The gunmen found their way into the room and shot two of the reverend’s sons on their legs and also shot his wife on her back.

They then immediately took to their heels when they learnt that the security men were on their way to the house.

Thank God for miraculous protection. Pastor Bayo Famonure sustained shots to his head and feet. His wife Naomi was shot in the back but the bullet didn’t reach her spinal cord. Their sons’ gunshot wounds were not serious.

“It’s a miracle … Just praise God,” the pastor said.

Join us all to pray with the family as they walk through this trauma.

Evil is taking over Nigeria, and the Christians are the ones paying dearly for it.

Source: Hausa Christians Foundation(HAFCO)



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