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Pick Pocket Thief Caught As Diobu Vigilante Group Begins Dislodging, Sensitization Of Street Footballers Violating The Governors Order


The Diobu vigilantee group have apprehended a four-man gang of part of cultists terrorizing the area, snatching of phones and pick pockets.

The spokesman of diobu vigilante group Amatari Bipeledei told our correspondent that the 4 men gang were caught red handed after breaking into Stanley Okwudiri room in Urualla water front and stole his generator and 10,000 naira.

He said upon raising alarm some of the gang members fled but Michael was caught in the process and he confessed to the crime  Amatari said ‘’Diobu Vigilante after a strenuous day in dislodging, curtailing/sensitization that led to the seizure of more than 10 football with goal post & warned residents of Diobu throughout the day who violate the governor’s order by playing football, later 4am this morning apprehended one Michael from Akwa Ibom, a member of a 4men gang specialized in breaking & entry who broke into Stanley Okwudiri room at Urualla water front & stole his generator & 10,000 & his other gang members flee.’’ Diobu Vigilante assure residents of diobu that the fleeing gang member will equally be apprehended.

The suspect Michael who confessed to robbing residents said he was lured into crime by his friends who insisted that he must escorts them and he had no choice than to do their bidding.

The diobu vigilante groups also said it has seized more than 10 footballs with goal post from residents of diobu who are violating the governors order, warned youths who play football around the street to desist and promised to bring defaulters to the police.

Diobu Vigilante also assure the Governor that the issue of playing football in streets of diobu is a settled matter following their tough chase on the violators that led to the seizures of their football & goal post has ended it, as we vow to bring defaulters to book’’ Amatari concluded


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