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IKOKWU Traders Laments: While We Are Under lock Down, Thieves Have Looted/Emptied Our Shops Despite Military Presence- Begs Governor Wike To Allow Them Open Their Shops


Some Traders At the Ikokwu spare parts dealers have complained of break and entry into their shops while they are on a lock down.

our correspondent who visited the Ikokwu Market to find out why they are not operating despite the two days opening granted by the Rivers State governor for residents to restock their homes with food stuff says they came to open just like every other sectors but  were chased back by a fierce looking soldiers stationed at the entrance and exit points of the business areas.

for Okwudili Okoye- come and see my shop, ( taking us into his shop) they asked us to close but they have taken time to come and clear my goods, look at it for yourself, is this part of the reason why they chased us home? to render me useless.? he asked our reporter without an answer.Another Trader who identified himself as Nnabuchi Says i am surprised as to why the Soldiers Will chase away our internal security men away, making way for the hoodlums, cultist around this area to loot our shops, i have reported the matter to the market union, because i am devastated.

a cross sections of other traders lurking around looking for one business schemes or other, also lamented the hardship they had to endure for the past two months since the governor placed the market under complete lockdown.

Chuks Mathew said it has been very difficult for me, i don’t have a shop, i am a mechanic that depends on daily income, and in this kind of our business, no savings, it is as you work, you eat, if you don’t work no food. life is so hard for me and my two children, my wife is also a trader no more trading so nothing is coming in, we beg from one yard to another compound just to get indomie for a day. he said we are begging his excellency to open the shop for us to at least workout what to eat just like other people are doing.

Ifeanyi also complained of Hunger, he said hunger don finish people for here, see me here, i get shade, but since they no let me operate today i have gone to do conductor work just to get money to feed. we cannot steal, so we are only doing anything we lay our hands to do to survive. very soon i will soon go back to join any other bus for the evening rush market closure, that is what this government has turned me into, please help us beg Governor to sorry us and forgive us, we are pleading with him.PIX. IKOKWU MARKET AT FULL CAPACITY

Emmanuel Akpota Simply told our reporter, what i am passing through, can not be said the way you asked me to summarize it, imagine a family man like me wake up in the morning bath, eat and sit at home, my sister i have never been this sick of staying home in my entire 46years of existence. i am telling you, this is worst than hell. i cant imagine this kind of thing and for long more we need to endure it. look at us here today to come and sell like every other person the soldiers are wiping us with cane like i am a thief, see my body, i just have to look for ways to come to this side because i have come to look for what to eat so that hunger will not kill me and my family.


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