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Rivers State Police Boss CP Mukan Says We Are Not In Conflict With State Govt On Movement Of Agricultural Products, Any Truck Seen Carrying Food With Almajiri Will Be Impounded


The Rivers state police command says it is not in conflict with orders of the state government on the movement of foods, agricultural produces and medical supplies.

The state commissioner of police Joseph Mukan told our correspondent at a meeting between the police authorities and members of the Civil societies organization/media situation room in the state.

He said both federal and state governments mean well for the people and are working together to fashion out ways to ensure that the Coronavirus pandemic modalities and foods would not become a problem for the people.

He said yes Federal government can give some waivers especially to some oil operations, it is left for us to harmonize it with extant laws of the state it is just a matter of understanding, so to answer your question we are not in any conflict because we are all working for the good of the state, I know that His excellency the Governor means well for the people so our duty is to support him to achieve it.

The Rivers state police Commissioner Joseph Mukan also warned those bringing foods not come in with any human cargoes and threatens to deal with any one breaches such protocols, he said when we inaugurated the committee two days ago, comprising Ministry of agriculture, ministry of interior and ministry of defence, which is basically only on the movement on agricultural products one of their mandate is to ensure the circulation of Agricultural produce from the farmers till it gets to the place where it can get to the people. So it was boldly stated that any truck conveying the food produce is seen with human cargoes with the goods, that trucks will be confiscated, like the word you just mentioned (referring to our correspondent question on trucks carrying Almajiris into various state with food produce) ‘’they are restricted to carrying food and agricultural product, if they go ahead and carry human beings we will not allow that because the federal government clearly stated that and if you look at what the state government is doing, is not against agricultural product as such, so a situation where you carry food products and there are human beings in it, it becomes a problem, so this taskforce is addressing that issues’’

In his address the spokesman for the civil societies organization situation room Karl Uchegbu who spoke on behalf of the group appealed to the CP to quickly address all human rights abuses occasioned by the covid19 lock down.



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