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Arondizuogu People Sends Local Missile To Kick-Boxing Prophet Odumeje After He Accused Their Kinsman Music Legend Pericoma Of Being Responsible For The Underdevelopment Of The Town


When prophet Chukwuemeka Ohanemere[ODUMEJE] of Mountain of Holy Ghost Intervention Ministry Onitsha, during one of his sermon, accused the Arondizuogu music legend and ambassador of the local traditional belief, late Mr Pericomo Okoye, of being behind the alleged underdevelopment of the town as a result of his fetish practices, we all thought that the indigenous people of Arondizuogu would expedite action in taking the controversial clergyman to the cleaners by refuting his claims in a well thought-out rebuttal, disputing his claims thus setting the records straight for the general public to take note of.

Rather than furnish the public with a detailed record of the community’s speedy development so as to cut the karate-kicking pastor to size, the greater percentage of Arondizuogu people decided to, like the proverbial buttock that gets punished when the anus farts, declare war on domestic animals.

As if it was the fowls and goats that conveyed the information of the said underdevelopment of Aro town to Odumeje, they systematically declared war on the poor animals, such that they are being till date, being chased at intervals by women and children. Even the adults are not left out. Everyone is busy giving his/her domestic animals a hot chase.
Kids, on the directive of their parents, are falling over each other in pursuit of

fowls. Adults, wobbling as a result of rheumatism, are making a dashing run, chasing after goats and dogs.

All in a bid of ‘disproving’ Odumeje’s claims, fowls are being killed, with the head being forcefully detached from its body. Goats, amidst bleating and plea for mercy, are being slain, with the blood being sprinkled on stones and other objects. Dogs are having the skull smashed with an iron, hot drinks poured after the masticating of lobes of kola nut. In gross violation of animal rights, cocks have their legs broken in the most gruesome manner.

All these and many other traditional practices are aimed at sending a ‘local missile’ to the prophet to either have him visited with deaths or have his legs paralyzed. It has been a competitive sacrifice with many visiting the streams and others making do with trees with aggression transferred on domestic animals. Right now in Aro town, the prices of fowls, goats, dogs and other spiritual items have alarmingly skyrocketed.

In as much as Odumeje erred in his unfounded submission, the response so far leaves much to be desired. It’s either the learned indigenous people of Arondizuogu are too busy to respond to Odumeje’s theatrics thus paving way for showmen to take the center stage, or that, unfortunately, the kick-boxing prophet was right after all.

Visiting one’s frustrations on innocent animals is an indication of intellectual deficiency. The world is moving forward and it has to be encompassing. No one should be left behind. I’m not in any way trying to condemn the religious belief of those that have embarked on mass killing of animals, but going religious when an intellectual debate ought to be the case is what rubbished the whole exercise.



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