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Relatives Of Oroworokwo Homosexuality Claims Suspect Has Mental Illness: Mother Of 14 Years Old Boy Rape Victim Begs For Medical Assistance To Treat The Boy


Mother of the 14 years old boy who raped at Oroworukwo Community is calling for justice to be done to enable her son get medical help.

Mother of the 14 years old boy, Emmabong Etim told our correspondent that since the incident happened on Tuesday night, her son who sustained bruises around the anal area has not been properly treated due to funds.

She called on well-meaning individual to come to her aid

Meanwhile the police have finally arrested the Homo sexual suspect, Asuzu Chidi a 30 years old boy spare part trainee.

The suspect was arrested on Thursday by Olu Obsanjo Police but confessed to only romancing the 14 years old boy.

The Olu-Obansajo Police Station is insisting on the test to be carried out because the suspected homosexual claimed he only undressed the boy and was romancing him when they were caught, that he did not penetrate the 14-year-old boy. The 14-year-old boy also collaborated what the man said. But a source in the community told our correspondent that the man was having anal sex with the boy when they were caught. That only a medical examination of the 14 years old boy can give the true position of things.

However, the brother In-law to the suspected homosexuality claimed that the suspect is having mental challenges and pleaded for mercy.

Investigation also revealed that the community gave the relatives of the suspect who reportedly raped the 14-year-old boy a very long list which include Goats, Chicken, Yams, rice, beans, indomie, kolanuts, drinks, etc. and money that the community claimed will be used to cleanse the land. The community did not bother to find out how the boy will be treated.

The list the community gave the suspect’s relatives has been handed over to the Police.


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