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Bonny LGA Boss Says Mysterious Deaths Recorded In The Area Not Linked To Covid19 Or Deadfishes


The news making rounds that a certain illness is killing people in Bonny  Local government area is no more news as the Bonny LGA BOSS has confirmed it.

A nurse working in one of the hospitals there confirmed to our correspondent that the strange ailments have symptoms like Malaria, typhoid and loss of sense for taste and smell. And it’s killing them fast. Death rate is 4-  5 persons daily. People are dying in their numbers every day. No more space in the hospitals and their mortuary is filled up.

Meanwhile the chairman of bonny LGA in A press release says authorities are working with health officials to unravel the cause of the mysterious illness. The statement reads thus: –

Mysterious death in Bonny.

So far over 9 persons have died in Bonny Island in the last few days, all with same Malaria and Typhoid symptoms.

Though the cause of death is not confirmed yet.

This is to inform the indigenes and residents of Bonny Local Government that the public concerns and expression of discomfort over the sudden prevalence of malaria and typhoid, loss of taste and smells etc, on the Island is one that has called on the government’s urgent attention.

As a responsible government we use this medium to inform the citizens that government is thoroughly investigating the issue as well as other related concerns and in due time it will relate same to the public.

However, it is advisable to observe all safety and hygienic measures at this period, and be rest assured that government is on top of the matter and will provide a positive solution to this effect.

Comr Williams Ogbah Agwu

Special Assistance On Media And Publicity To

Hon. Engr. David Rogers Irimagha

Executive Chairman Of Bonny LGA.


23rd May, 2020.


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