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Taxi Driver Abandons Conjoined Twins In IMO State: Wife Died 3 Days After Due To Complications


A Nigerian woman identified as Chidinma gave birth to twins conjoined together in Imo State.

Her husband who is a Taxi driver identified as Anayochukwu Njoku from Umuakagu, Agbahara Nsu Ehime Mbano Council area, reportedly abandoned her after knowing about the condition of his newborn babies.

Our source said ‘’Chidinma welcomed the conjoined twin on March 11, 2020, but the husband could not deal with the condition of the babies and absconded.

Unfortunately, the mother, after giving birth to the babies died three later.

Director General of the Imo Foundation, the humanitarian organ of the Imo State government, Mrs. Beulah Chukwuma, who spoke to newsmen while highlighting the plight of the children, said that after the burial of their late mother, the conjoined twins were brought to them.

Mrs. Beulah Chukwuma said, “Presently, we have a family with conjoined twins.

Their mother, Mrs. Chidinma Njoku died on 11th March, 2020 three hours after giving birth to them in a maternity in Umuokoto Nekede in Owerri West Local Government Area.

“Their father, Mr. Anayochukwu Njoku, was helping his late wife in her tailoring shop to earn a living to support their poor family of six before the arrival of the conjoined twins, after he lost his job two years ago as a driver.




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