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Join The Debate! Should School Reopen Now? 5 REASONS WHY SCHOOL SHOULDN’T RE-OPEN TILL 2021- Expert Opinion


We are presently in a partial lockdown and almost every Nigerian is looking out to Bounce back for the full country both re-opening schools, churches and markets. In this article I gathered five strong reasons why Nigeria government won’t re-open schools nationwide till next year (2021).
Here are the 5 reasons:-

  1. Large Population

Nigeria is a large country indeed and we are in a situation where by everywhere you go there must be crowds, and you all covid 19 don’t like crowds and students do gather in morning assemblies, coming to school, orientations, sports and in classrooms so it is really hard to curb the spread of the virus with the re-opening of schools.

  1. Scattered Scheme

The scheme and timetable for this year is scattered even to the WAEC candidates and there is nothing that can be done about it, because second term is what we all used for the holiday/sit-at-home and for school to resume now, no teacher knows where to start from so it’s better to restart everything by the beginning of the term that is September or next year.

  1. Higher Count Of Daily Covid 19 Cases

This is not something I should explain, schools shouldn’t resume till we can record and confirmed not up to 50 cases daily.

  1. Disorganized

Most schools in Nigeria are disorganized and won’t be able to adhere to the guidelines from the government and NCDC.

  1. Lack Of Money

Covid 19 have made thousands of family poor in Nigeria being in a poor state as many spent their savings and capital during the lockdown on foods, so it’s either the government will give them financial assistance or school should re-open in the next 6 months to let them recover. These points above are my suggestions and you can also reflect to it and understand all I mean,
drop your own suggestions and measures government can apply to curb infected/death rate and open schools below.




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