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Man Bites Wife Fingers For Obstructing Him From Getting His Conjugal Rights In Port Harcourt


In what appears to be family matters soon turned to public discussion as another wife in Diobu fought her husband physically till the neighbours intervened over sex.

The  42 years old husband identified as Moses had to bite the hand of the wife who tried to use her hands to obstruct him from getting his conjugal right.

He claimed the Woman has been denying the him Sex on accusation that the he has not been meeting up with his financial obligation.

Wife of the man Mrs. Rose, also claimed that since the lockdown she has not rested from her husband frequent demands of sex on empty stomach, she said even though the market where the husband sells is under lockdown, his mate are out there hustling to do other things but her husband sits at home and wait for her to hustle and still demand sex. We have three children looking for food but he wants to eat sex, I am tired

Expert says The Covid-19 pandemic apart from the health risk is also affecting stability of Family and causing financial difficulties but understanding is highly required to avoid unnecessary embarrassment

3 Major Categories Of Rape Suspects

1.Some Male toasters who feel insulted that their request was turned down.

2.Some Male who are not Man enough to express their feelings to the lady

3.Some Male who thinks that women are slaves

No Means No.

Rape is a crime.

Say no to rape.



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