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Lady Poured Boiled Water On Boyfriend While Sleeping In Yenagoa



They had a quarrel in the morning of June 3rd over some issues, while quarreling he got angry, slapped her and told her to shut up, which she did, thinking the quarrel was over.

This happened at INEC Road yenagoa 3 days ago.

Few Hours later the man identified as Oyinkro Miebode after the quarrel left the scene and went to sleep but was woken from shocks of hot water all over his body.Image may contain: 1 person

We gathered that the culprit identifies as Maureen after the quarrel went to his sister asking if there was kerosene in the stove, the sister said no kerosene, she went out bought kerosene and fill in the Stove, the sister said they taught it was for bathing or garri, which they even notified her when the water was boiling.

With the water boiled, she poured it into a small basin and went to his room while he was sleeping then poured it on Oyinkro Miebode. Waking up from that shock he was shouting in pains and scratching his body not knowing he was peeling his own skin.

The girl is now hiding and nowhere to be found, she has been calling to be forgiven
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