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Imolites Responds As Gov. Hope Uzodinma Explains Why The Law To Arrest Those Who Calls Him Supreme Court Governor- Mbaise People Stop Distracting Your Governor

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Peter Obi become governor through the supreme court.
The current Bayelsa governor was installed by supreme court judgment including other governors who came to power.
Why is my own different ?
Why are they calling me supreme court Governor, everywhere ?
They said am Abuja Governor.
What did I do wrong ?
I only recovered the stolen mandate the good people of Imo state gave to me, that was robed”

~Gov. Hope Uzodinma.
Imo State Governor.

Imolites Respond To Gov, HOPE Uzodinma
Camelius Enete Wrote -Politics in IMO remains zone by zone affair. Okigwe remain the best if any of their Children finds way to the government house, the same with other zone. Mbaise stands with their son Ihedioha.
Eze Eugene If you do good job, we will forget how you came in.

Emenike Kalu – the best defense you have is to make a difference in the life of Imolites. Good roads, constant electricity, water,and employment for your people and stop making lame excuses in defense of your ill gotten mandate. Actions speak louder than words.

Ngozi  Nzeocha – All u need now is not explanation.your work and transformation of IMO will be a better response…i like u as a person i expected more from your government by now…please nobody is ready for your explanation your work can speak for
Christoper Uwadiegwu -My amiable governor.. please, don’t be distracted by the name supreme court governor you can only be distracted by that if INEC attach it to your certificate. With due respect his Excellency we imo light need a radical change in your tenure. I’m proud of imo light and we must achieve it together


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