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Reasons Why We Shouldn’t Blame Police When A Rapist Go Scot Free: 90% Of Victims, Family Members Collects Out Of Court Monetary Settlement


A 24-year-old lady Choice from Gokona LGA had cried out over intimidation and incessant Police arrest orchestrated by one Saviour Imeaba who allegedly attempted to rape her for refusing to date him.

According to choice, the man who has been making advances at her, offered to drop her off at her destination only for the man to drive her to his house and asked her to go inside with him to have sex but she told him it was not their agreement. Choice explained that sensing danger, she told the man to take her to where she wants to take something after which She will follow him to his house.

Choice said when the man took her to the place and she drew the attention of her sister. She said passersby and other eyewitness came and rescued her from Mr. Saviour, Choice disclosed that Mr Imeaba came with Police from Rumupakani, Ada George hours later to arrest she and her sister on allegations that people who came for her rescue molested him and took his money.

Choice stated that Saviour having failed to achieve his aim at Rumupakani Police Station, arrested her with Police from Anti-Cultism unit on frivolous allegation s. Choice called on the Commissioner of Police, CP Joseph Mukan, Women and Civil Society groups as well as meaning Nigerians to come to her rescue as Mr Imeaba has allegedly vowed to deal with her for refusing to date him.

Mr Saviour from Khana LGA in an interview admitted taking Choice to his house but decided to drop her off when she declined having romance with him which she allegedly agreed initially. Mr Saviour alleged that Choice accused him of attempting to rape her when he came to drop her off and she allegedly called hoodlums to beat him up and collect his money that is why he went to the Police station.

Reacting to the incident, the State Chairman of Civil Rights Council, Prince Wiro who led Choice KURU to FIDA office to register her complaint called for a thorough investigation into the incident with a view to serving Justice to all the parties involved.

surprisingly last night the victim ‘s Elder sister called the human right organization handling the matter that they and the man accused of attempting to rape her sister have decided to settle. Infact when the victims line was called, the same Elder sister picked and said ‘Oga Human right , u no hear wetin I tell you say we don agree to settle. This was the same people human rights advocates Some Journalist suffered under heavy rain of Thursday morning, moving to and from State CID to FIDA to Anti-cultism where they met with the Commander of the unit.

spent personal transport and paid for the victim to and fro even to her house in Ozuoba. she was also given 2000 naira to encourage her since she was complaining of no money. The matter was to be transferred to State CID Monday.
That is what we see always. That is the reward we get for doing good for humanity sake.


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