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The Npower Portal Opens Tonight By 11:45: Open For Everyone But N-tech & N-health Is Strictly For Graduates


Some people have been privileged to be in the scheme since 2016 and it has really helped. Those of you that will be shortlisted this period might remain in the scheme till the end of this administration.No photo description available.

Please take note of the following tips as you consider registration.

1. The scheme is very flexible, hence you can combine it with your side hustles.

2. Don’t give any body any dime to help you get shortlisted. You may loose your money. Npower is relatively or 95% transparent.

3. If you don’t have your NYSC Cert, no need to register.

5. You stand a greater chance of being shortlisted if you register using your state of Origin. E.g, If you are from Enugu State but reside in Oyo state, your chances are slim, hence I advise you to register using your State of Origin, even when they demand for your State of residence and local government of residence, fill in your State of Origin and Local government of Origin in those spaces. You will easily be shortlisted. If you are shortlisted, go back to your state of Origin, do all the necessary registration and documentation, then the rest can be worked out..

The N30k might be small but it can sort out somethings in your financial life.Image may contain: textYou can register without any certificate as long as u re between the age of 18 to 35. And you have an identity card (either driver’s license, National ID card, voters card or international passport).
Remember you will include your BVN and a passport photograph which you will upload as a JPG.
And make sure you’re not an employee in any registered organization/Company


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