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A New Word For Cheating Women:”Entanglement”- Thanks To Jada Pinkett! Sorry Will Smith?

Guess the internet can thank Jada Pinkett for teaching a new word for cheating. #entanglement
Jada cheated on Will Smith with August Alsina and she called it an Entanglement.Image may contain: 2 people
Fear Women
Apparently Tupac once wrote a poem for Jada Smith which had the lines “ you bring me to climax without sex” when he died he was still very much inlove with her.Image may contain: 2 people, closeup
Will smith loved Jada so much that he wanted to see her happy even if she was happy with somebody else. Hence he let her have an affair with August Alsina, at some point August lived with them.
August himself fell so deeply inlove with Jada that he says “I can die right now and be ok knowing I had that type of love” he spoke in detail about how glad he is that he experienced that love from Jada.
Now I just have one question for Jada “girl what are you giving these niggas
We also understand that Tupac and Jada never dated, there were best of friends,
August was introduced by Jayden their son and both Will and Jada were having issues then so they separated she just wanted to cool off her mind then August came into the picture she just wanted sex but August caught feelings and she told Will Smith all that happened in the relationship she had with Jada
So to me I think she is just honesty and truthful she doesn’t hide anything so why won’t Smith forgive her and let’s not forget that August Alsina felt she played him that was why he said all those stuffs on that interview just to make Will Smith get angry not knowing the Man already knows what played between him and his wife


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