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Who’s Your Elected Official? What Have They Done For You Since The Pandemic? Do You Know They Still Collect Whooping 230Million Monthly Despite The Lockdown?

We have a model here.
We have always heard of Constituency Projects, as important one, and included in the monthly pays of our elected officials – Senators, Federal House of Representatives members and members of various states Houses of Assemblies.Hon. Dr. Zainab Gimba, More Reasons Why You Should Elect Women To Represent You.
Sadly, most Nigerian elected public office holders continue to misappropriate, divert, siphone or silly loot away the monies budgeted for the constituency projects. However, in this failed Nigeria, there are still a handful of public office holders that have their sanity and integrity intact. There are people who still care about what they would be remembered for.
I present to you – Hon Hajjiah Zainab Gimba, PhD who represents Bama, Ngala, Kala~Balge federal constituency of Borno State. Yes, Bornu State has always been up in the news for badnews, particularly because of the ruthless terrorist attacks being perpetrated there. However, Dr. Zainab Gimba has returned hope back to her people.
What has she done thus far?
She has successfully trained, and empowered the Youth’s in her constituency with the followings :
~ 118 commercial vehicles
~ 200 Tricycles 4 commercial purposes
~ 800 Sewing machines for trained tailors
~ 400 Granding Machines for house women
~ 492 Water pump engines for irrigation farmers
~ N5million for official party men in her constituency
~ and she adopted 500 fatherless children who lost their parents to terrorists.
Hon. Dr. Zainab Gimba has proven that with dedication, the will spirit and seriousness anything can be rightly achieved. She has also shown that women in politics can do wonders when given a level playing ground and freedom to run affairs.
God bless Hon. Dr. Zainab.


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