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MEN! Beware Of Ladies Who Wish Their Mother In-Laws Were Dead Or Refuse You Taking Care Of Your Family!!!. E Get Why?

Please I want to make this clear to some of our women who often compare wives with our mothers. It is unfortunate that a lot of young women these days think once they are married no other person should be close to her husband because he is now her husbandImage may contain: one or more people
Some would go to extent of quoting Genesis 2vs24 in the Bible where it is said that a man shall leave his his parents and cleave to his wife and both shall be one, just only to support their selfishness, greediness and possessiveness. Did the Bible mention that a man should forget his parents or not allow their parents close to them? What of other verses in the Bible including where 10 commandments were stated, do you keep them? Do you live your life the way Bible urge you to do?
Now let me make it clear to you, we love our wives and women, we care for them but they can never take position of our mothers. Mothers are irreplaceable, in the hierarchy, our mothers come before our wives unless few efulefus who had allowed a woman, social media or people to deceive them. We are not dragging position with your fathers, stop dragging position with our mothers please. You don’t know what my mum passed through before I became what I am when you met me. You can’t come tomorrow and expect me to just throw her out of my life because am marrying you..
Even the love you are claiming you have for us can’t be compared with the one our mothers have for us, they can collect bullet for us while you can’t do it. They can give us the last valuable thing in their life, you can never do it. Tomorrow we may go broke and you leave, our mothers wouldn’t abandon us no matter what.
Our mothers are connected to us by blood, hormones, gene and love while our wives are only connected to us by love which can even fade tomorrow, that is why there is divorce.
Some ladies these days go extra mile of wishing their mother inlaw death, imagine wishing my own mother dead while you love your own mother to live, may God remove such foolish from your heart  if you ever have such thought on my mum.
I urge men to love and care for their women, protect them from your family members that may want to stigmatize her because she wasn’t a member of the family before, reserve her right as wife. But if she is the type that doesn’t want your own family people around but only her own, the type that feels jealous anytime you do something for your mother or family members, the type that often quarrels with your family members then you must act before it is too late.
Be a man of the house, put her to order or she should leave
”Eze Chibubosi Writes From Enugu”


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