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Suspected Serial Kills Says He Kills People For #500 Naira For His Native Doctor Master

The suspected serial killer said whenever he locates his
victims, he would hit them with a shovel and when they lay
in a pool of their blood, he would make some incantations
and move around the body three times and then back it.
Sunday said he would back the body for about five minutes
with his eyes closed before leaving the scene.Image may contain: 1 person, beard and outdoor
When asked if he was not afraid that anybody could come
around while backing the body, the suspected serial killer
said the herbalist had told him that nobody would come
around during the period.
He said after the operation, he would return to the
herbalist, who would make some incantations again.
He confessed that he had carried out five of such
operations and anytime he returned to the herbalist, the
50-year-old would have bought food for him and would
give him N500.
When asked for the reasons for the killings, Sunday said he
didn’t know as it was the herbalist who was just sending
him on such errands.


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