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Ikwerre LGA Counsel Boss Denies Arrest Or The Use Of Local Vigilante Group To Victimize Perceived Opponent



Our attention has been drawn to some falsified publications making round the social media, especially Facebook, that the Executive Chairman of Ikwerre Local Government Area of Rivers State, Hon Engr Samuel Nwanosike (JP), is using the Chief Security Officer (CSO) of Ikwerre LGA, Mr Samuel Oboni, to arrest and victimise his perceived opponents in the LGA via Community Vigilantes.

To set the record straight, the general public need to know that:

  1. Hon Nwanosike sworn an oath as the Chairman of the LGA to protect the lives and properties of Ikwerre people and cannot renege on that oath by turning around to arrest or victimise them.
  2. The CSO of Ikwerre LGA Mr. Samuel Oboni and Community Vigilante Group are not Police Officers and do not have the power to arrest and detain any criminal element or whatsoever.
  3. The CSO of Ikwerre LGA always work with the Security agents while going after criminal elements in the LGA and not with Community Vigilantes.
  4. The Community Vigilantes across the LGA are independent security operatives being supervised by the Nigeria Police Force and not working for Ikwerre Local Government Council or any individual but working for their respective communities so as to assist the police and other security agencies in ensuring peace and order.
  5. The Chairman of Ikwerre LGA does not detate to the Community Vigilantes what to do or what not to do. Rather, the LGA has a bylaw regulating their activities.
  6. Those peddling the falsehood against the CSO of Ikwerre LGA Mr. Samuel Oboni were paid by the self-made enemies of Hon Nwanosike in order to demean him and tarnish his hard earned reputation. Mr. Samuel Oboni is a law abiding citizen of this country and wouldn’t take laws into his hands.7. The public should disregard them because their concocted gibberish cannot debar or weigh down Hon Engr Samuel Nwanosike (JP) from steering the mantle given to him by the good people of Ikwerre LGA or decelerate his developmental strides.

  1. The Nigeria Union of Journalist’s (NUJ), Rivers State, should stop allowing criminals use their media platforms under the guise of interview or whatsoever to sabotage the effort of Government in the fight against insecurity by allowing them access to media platforms to cast aspersions and incite the public against Government institutions and impede the fight against crimes and criminalities.
  2. Nigeria Union of Journalists, Rivers State Chapter, should please call their members to order and advise them that we are all partners in this fight against insecurity and that no compromise is expected from any of them.
  3. No amount of payment to self-acclaimed civil society members in order to malign the Chairman of Ikwerre LGA and his CSO through the media or protest would deter the Chairman’s effort in the fight against insecurity in the LGA, through the help of security agents.
  4. No amount of blackmail on the Chairman and his CSO would make criminal elements and Civilian Generals be allowed to return back to Ikwerre LGA again.

We use this medium to call on the brainwashed and cajoled peddlers to desist forthwith or face the consequences of being sued for defamation of character.


Hon Chris Omodu

Chief Press Secretary to the Executive Chairman of Ikwerre Local Government Area.

18th July, 2020



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