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Welcome To A Generation That Wont SAY SORRY!


Welcome to the generation of proud people.A generation that can afford to loose a 1-4years relationship just because of I AM SORRY !!! A generation where a woman prefers to pack her bags back to her parents house rather than to say I AM SORRY!! A generation where a man prefers to loose his marriage and keep his ego.

*Welcome to the Generation where everyone is right. A generation that never accepts to be wrong, a generation that “knows all”, a generation of ignorance, a generation that prefers to argue for a year rather than spilling out I AM SORRY !!!*

*Welcome to the Generation of fault finders. A generation that always seek to judge people, a generation that only sees the bad in others, a generation that prefers to win an argument rather than saying I AM SORRY

*Welcome to The Generation of Selfishness. A generation that wants people to always apologize to them, a generation of self respect, they prefer to move on rather than sort out things with their partners, a Generation that makes apology very difficult, they want people to beg and roll on the floor before they accept apology, a generation that is so full of themselves, a generation that is too big to say I AM SORRY!

*This is the reason why many of you are yet to get married. Watch the news and see how many people are stabbing their partners to death, marriage has now become a slaughter ground all because of I AM SORRY !!!*

*Can you do me a favour? Please pronounce “I AM SORRY”. how did you feel when you pronounced it? did your name change? Did your skin colour change? Did your bank debit you for saying sorry? Did you loose a pint of blood when you said it? Sorry did you contact coronal virus when you said it! Hmm so why is it that you prefer to loose that beautiful lady because of pride!!! Why is it that you prefer to loose that handsome man because of pride?

*Pride goes before a fall, some of you have lost your real spouses because of I AM SORRY now you are taking another person’s picture to Shiloh, you are deceiving yourself!!

*if you don’t work on your relationship no body will do it for you, stop admiring people’s marriage you don’t know the secret pain they go through to keep that marriage glowing!! Relationship is a work !!! Learn to say I AM SORRY. I come in peace



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